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Shooting Little People

A new version of the lego group shot. There are several more modern minifigures in this version, so you have the arrival of several superheroes, Star Wars characters, and a hobbit. I used a ringflash as the main light, this made sure I didn’t get shadows beneath any of the hats. To maximize depth of field I shot with my older 67 macro lens that can stop down to F32 rather than the newer 645 lens which has a minimum aperture of F22.

Lego Friends

Recently there has been a giant upheaval in the miniature world of Lego. After decades of the figures all being the same height and shape, there is a new group known as “Lego Friends”. After themed lego sets for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter, you might guess the new figures would have a passing resemblance to Chandler and Joey. Instead, these Lego Friends are an even more bizzare creation, they’re little girls. The girls are actually taller than the men, they’re less boxy, and they have manes of flowing hair. They also have more natural skin tones (unless you live in Springfield, where bright yellow faces are perfectly normal). Is Lego playing to gender stereotypes? Is it giving up on tradition to make a quick krone? Or is it simply evolving and introducing Lego to more discerning children? Except for a worried looking policeman, the arrival of the girls to Legoland has brought nothing but smiles.