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Pentax K-1 First impressions

The Pentax K1 is the first 35mm full-frame digital camera by Pentax / Ricoh. For many years Pentax focused on producing great  APS sensor cameras such as the K-5 and K-3, or the medium format flagships the 645D and 645Z. The main features of the K-1 are a 36.4 MP sensor and  5-Axis in-camera shake reduction. These provide high resolution images and minimize motion blur. As with other Pentax cameras you get great build quality and weather sealing. Dual SD card slots  and the same lithium battery I use with the  K-3 and 645Z means it should be a dependable workhorse. Pentax Japan kindly sent me a K-1 and the new FF 28-105 lens to shoot some images for a Tokyo exhibition later in the year.  First, however, I thought I’d just put in a couple of memory cards and a battery and take it with me during Sunday’s workshop in Yomitan. A few things I immediately noticed. The articulated monitor is clear, and has adjustable brightness. On sunny days such as yesterday you can set …

The importance of having access to a backup camera

Last year, on my trip to India I took the Pentax 645D, a 35mm wide-angle lens and the new 90mm macro.   I also packed a Pentax K5-IIs with a 40mm pancake lens for low-light  street photography. The K5-IIs would also be my backup camera in the unlikely event that the 645D was stolen or had problems. The K5 takes the same batteries, charger and SD cards as the 645D. The body and pancake lens combined weigh about 800 grams so it didn’t t take up much space or weight if it wasn’t used. The image quality from the K5 is excellent, obviously not on a par with the 645D, but I would still be able to use the images for commercial purposes. While in Agra, shooting the Taj Mahal at dawn, the 645D suddenly stopped working. The shutter seemed to open for a couple of seconds then the screen showed just a black image. I turned it off and on, removed and replaced the battery, the lens, the SD cards, but the problem was …

Bringing the Light to the Party

Great time last weekend at the July 2014 Off Camera Flash Workshop. Pete Leong and I had fun with nine photographers who wanted to add a splash of magical light to their images. Thanks to Rouge Imaging for providing modifiers for the workshop and prizes for the students. Thanks also to Yuki Lynn for modeling, and to Summer Johnson for makeup. Information on future workshops can be found on the Photography Workshops tab above.

Studio Lighting Intro Workshop

Great fun was had by all at the first studio lighting intro workshop. After talking about the different types of equipment available we spent the rest of the weekend taking studio portraits. We began with a single light, added a reflector, and eventually got up to shooting with numerous strobes. Things got comical as we got dressed up for our hospital staff portraits. Individual images were composited together to get the group shot of all six people. Thank you Kathy, Molly, Lemont, Kevin and James! I’ll put dates of future workshop up on the Photography Workshops page. If you’re waiting for a specific workshop, or wanting 1 to 1 training, please send me an email.

On location – Shannon

On a free day in Cairns I met up with local model Shannon for a quick shoot by the ocean. With strong midday sun, it was key to find some nice open shade that would allow me to prevent harsh shadows on the face. Luckily, sun hats, shade and sunblock are keywords for a new generation of beachgoing Australians.  A big thanks to Shannon for meeting up, and hope you love the pics.

Hidden Gems

Still organizing my images from India. Trying to get everything sorted, starred and keyworded before I head off on my next overseas trip. Some photographs have immediate impact, usually the close up portraits with eye contact. Other more subtle images may fall through the cracks the first time I look through the thumbnails in Lightroom particularly if they don’t fit my usual style of shots. Just came across this image, a snapshot I took while wandering along the street during my final day in Jaipur. I happened to look down an alleyway, saw this couple, and took a pic. It’s very different to my other photographs (it looks like something one of my photographer friends Alfie Goodrich or Matt Brandon would have shot) which perhaps is why I missed it the first time, and love it now.

In the Studio – Amanda

Model – Amanda ‘Hamilton’ Perez MUA – Summer Johnson-Makeup Artist Pentax 645D HD PENTAX-D FA645 MACRO 90mmF2.8ED AW S Lighting – Grey background. Octabox powered by Profoto Pro-7a as the main light. Small softbox as low fill. A medium size strip softbox on both sides adding rimlight (powered by Profoto compacts). A fifth compact aimed at the background. Strobes triggered with PocketWizards.