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Pentax K-1 Exhibition, Tokyo

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Today, September 14th, the Pentax K-1 photo exhibition begins at the Ricoh Imaging Square in Shinjuku Tokyo.  The staff at the gallery just sent me some pics of the images on the wall including my photograph of Sam wearing a suit and tie.


The exhibition runs until September 26th so if you’re in Tokyo please stop by and check it out. The Ricoh Imaging Square is in the Shinjuku Center Building just west of the (world’s busiest) train station.


Shinjuku Center Building is a pretty generic skyscraper but it’s right next to the far more recognizable Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower モード学園コクーンタワー.


Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower モード学園コクーンタワー

A huge thanks to the people at Pentax and Ricoh Imaging for selecting me to produce work for their exhibition. Thanks also to the model Samantha Armistead and makeup by Audra Pesicka.

For those interested here’s the technical details:

Pentax K-1 with at 28-105 lens at 105mm ISO100 f8.0 1/200 sec

Main light Profoto softlight reflector white powered by Profoto 7a 1200w generator.
Fill light Profoto medium softbox
2 rim lights – 30x120cm strip boxes powered by Profoto compact 300w


Lighting set up for the Suit & Tie shot      (www.lightingdiagrams.com)

I’m going to swing by the exhibition later in the month when I’m up in Tokyo shooting a festival. Always a pleasure to see my photographs printed huge and up on a wall. Hopefully I’ll also be able to meet up with a few fellow photographers while I’m up there 🙂

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