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Angelo & Sheron Bridal Session

A lovely multi-location early morning session with Angelo & Sheron from Hong Kong. Okinawa is such a great location to shoot. Gorgeous scenery and nice weather. And a beach all to ourselves. A few more shots at Cape Zanpa. And then headed to Zakimi Castle.   Thanks for having us document your special day Angelo & Sheron! Hope you had a wonderful time in Okinawa, and hope to see you again soon 🙂 Images shot with the Pentax 645Z with Pentax SMC DA 645 25mm, Pentax K-1 with 24-70mm, Profoto B1 with OCF beauty dish and Priolite HotSync flash system. A big thanks to Yuki and Keith for assisting on the shoot.

Hannah Hooper Yoga

Early Saturday morning I was out at the beach in Nakijin Village shooting some promotional images for Hannah Hooper Yoga. Hannah wanted some simple clean shots she can use as illustrations and backgrounds for her new website. I used both the 645Z and the K-1 and a Priolite HotSync Flash to add light removing the harsh shadows on Hannah. We also took a few portraits with some softer lighting. Finally we moved to a beach in Motobu that has beautiful rocky walls. A great morning out in the sun. If you’re ever looking for a yogi, check out Hannah Hooper Yoga. 🙂

Pentax K-1 & Priolite – Capoeira

It’s rainy season in Okinawa, but yesterday morning we had a dry spell long enough to capture Ben and Antonio practicing capoeira at Araha Beach. Gear: Pentax K-1, 28-105mm lens,  Priolite M-Pack 1000 HotSync strobe Using the Priolite HotSync system meant I was freezing the action with the shutter speed rather than the flash duration. This removes the issues you get with ambient light blur when shooting motion with strobes outdoors. ISO 400, f4.5 1/3200 sec   This was my first time shooting Capoeira so it was  tough to anticipate the action. With two subjects performing different moves at the same time it is also tricky to get  images where they are both mid air, correctly illuminated, and in focus. Back flips and kicks are so fast to the naked eye it all happens in such a blur. It’s fascinating to check out the images and see them frozen in time. In some shots they looked like skydivers free falling. I’d also like to try this on a bright sunny day where the strobe would act …

Pentax K1 -Fisherman

A visit by friend Mike Lynch is always a great photo opportunity because he looks fantastic and tolerates my crazy ideas. Ideas such as making him stand outside on a bright sunny day wearing a sou’wester and bring sprayed with water. Gear used: Pentax K1 with 28-105mm lens at 105mm      1/4000 sec f6.3 ISO 100 Priolite M-Pack 1000 HotSync strobe with white beauty dish full power In most cases when shooting with strobes your shutter speed is restricted to the maximum sync speed of the camera. This is usually around 1/200 sec or 1/125 sec. In turn this then forces you to shoot at small apertures or with dark neutral density filters to control the amount of light.  The Priolite system however has a long enough flash duration that you can sync with fast shutter speeds such as 1/4000 second. With a standard strobe the water droplets would be frozen by the very short duration of the flash, with the Priolite system they are frozen by the short duration of the shutter. Thanks to …

Cherry blossom at Nakijin Castle

A few shots of cherry blossom at Nakijin Castle. All taken with the Pentax 645Z and 90mm lens at f2.8 I used a Priolite HotSync strobe for flash which allowed me to shoot with shutter speeds above the cameras sync speed. These images were shot at 1/500 sec, but I could have shot as high as 1/4000 sec. I’m using Priolite’s M-Pack system which has the strobe head separate from the power pack. I placed the power pack in a should bag so that my assistant Gary was fully mobile. Being able to shoot with strobes at high shutter speeds is not a necessity in these static shots, but the HotSync system is still useful allowing me to use strobes with wide apertures without having to resort to ND filters. I’ll put up more detailed information about HotSync flashes in the future, and how they differ from the more common High Speed Sync systems. Thanks to Gary and Jamie for assisting on the shoot, and of course to Yuki for modeling.

On location – Karate master Nobuko Oshiro

Nobuko Oshiro, Kyoshi, 8th dan Okinawa Karate-do Shorinryu, Taishinkan Association in the sugar cane fields of Sashiki Town, Okinawa, These shots were possible because of a high speed flash system that I was able to purchase with the money that came from supporters of the project purchasing a book, print or digital file. It allows me to sync a powerful flash at shutter speeds faster than 1/125 sec. I can now freeze movement without the ambient light blur normally associated with these images. 1/2000 sec at f / 4.0 ISO400 The crew: Yuki, James, Oshiro-sensei, Chris, Bekka.

On location – Maserati shoot

Shooting a client and the 2015 Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. This was shot with the Pentax 645Z and 90mm lens. I used the Priolite M-PACK1000 HotSync flash along with a white beauty dish for light. The HotSync system is designed for shooting flash while using fast shutter speeds, but it also works at standard or slower sync speeds. In this image it was 1/20 f16 ISO100.