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Pentax K1 -Fisherman

A visit by friend Mike Lynch is always a great photo opportunity because he looks fantastic and tolerates my crazy ideas. Ideas such as making him stand outside on a bright sunny day wearing a sou’wester and bring sprayed with water.

Gear used:

Pentax K1 with 28-105mm lens at 105mm      1/4000 sec f6.3 ISO 100

Priolite M-Pack 1000 HotSync strobe with white beauty dish full power

In most cases when shooting with strobes your shutter speed is restricted to the maximum sync speed of the camera. This is usually around 1/200 sec or 1/125 sec. In turn this then forces you to shoot at small apertures or with dark neutral density filters to control the amount of light.  The Priolite system however has a long enough flash duration that you can sync with fast shutter speeds such as 1/4000 second.

With a standard strobe the water droplets would be frozen by the very short duration of the flash, with the Priolite system they are frozen by the short duration of the shutter.

Thanks to Mike for being the fisherman, to Keith for being the voice activated light stand and to Yuki  for being the bringer of rain.

And here are a couple of pics from last time Mike visited 🙂

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