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Two Sadhus

It was nice to be able to get two Sadhus into the same photograph. This was taken with an aperture of F5.6. If I’d shot any wider, I’d have completely blurred out the sadhu in the background, and lost the composition. After taking the photo, I moved up the steps and shot a closer portrait of the sadhu that had been in the background in the previous image. One, two sadhus sit before you That’s what I said now

Guardian of the Fort

Came across this elderly man while investigating the riverside fort in Varanasi. He was sitting in the shade, and there was some lovely soft backlighting. Normally I like eye contact when shooting portraits, but these were a couple of exceptions to norm.

The Pilgrim in Orange

Got up just before dawn on my second day in Varanasi. Took a few shots of the sunrise, then started photographing the pilgrims coming down to bathe in the Ganges. The girl in the orange dress had come to Varanasi with her family. She wasn’t shy at all. She lit a floating candle, then beamed for the camera.