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Two Sadhus

Two Sadhus - Varanasi, India

Two Sadhus – Varanasi, India

It was nice to be able to get two Sadhus into the same photograph. This was taken with an aperture of F5.6. If I’d shot any wider, I’d have completely blurred out the sadhu in the background, and lost the composition. After taking the photo, I moved up the steps and shot a closer portrait of the sadhu that had been in the background in the previous image.

Sadhu - Varanasi, India

Sadhu – Varanasi, India

One, two sadhus sit before you
That’s what I said now


  1. Really enjoying your shots from India, Chris! I’m always so nervous to ask to make a portrait of someone I meet while abroad. I’d love to see a post about your thoughts or some tips on respectful ways to do it.

    • Glad you like the shots, and great idea for a post Justin. Yes I’ll put something up explaining how I go about photographing strangers I meet in the street.

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