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Dealing with a petulant Snow Leopard

A follow up to Apple Mac by Kafka.

The Good

Applications bought on iTunes could be downloaded again. This was nice as I had just paid about 20 bucks for the Japanese Ap. that works as a great English/Japanese dictionary.

I easily reinstall the applications Soundslides, iVCD and Earthdesk via downloads from the web. Happily I still had all the license codes. To get Fetch again I needed to upgrade to the latest version for a few bucks, but that too is now up and running.

The Bad

Photoshop CS3 install disk doesn’t run. In a bizarre twist it looks like CS3 is compatible with Snow Leopard but it seems that the tiny little program that installs the program isn’t. Adobe doesn’t support CS3 anymore. Supposedly there are no problems with CS4. I bite the bullet and order a CS3 to CS4 upgrade from Adobe. (I realize this is rewarding bad behavior).

No longer have the CD or code for Word for Mac. Go out and buy copy of Microsoft Office for Mac 2008. Get home, put disc in machine. Machine spits it out. Need to finish writing a The Traveling Photographer article so download trial of iWork. “Pages” seems to be a pretty good word processor, just need to remember to save as  .doc before mailing anything to an editor.

The Ugly

CS4 upgrade pack arrives. Happily open box insert install DVD, computer whirrs then spits out DVD.

Deodeo phones to say my  external hard drive has returned from I-O Data fixed and clean (empty) as a whistle.

Connect external hard drive and let it backup about 500 GB of data.

Talk to Apple Care. They suggest to try the CS3, CS4, and Microsoft Office for Mac discs in another Mac to see if it was a problem with each disk. (I resist the urge to point out that if there is a one in a thousand chance of a particular install disc being faulty, for it to happen to all three discs would be one in a billion.) Drive over to house of fellow Mac Pro user, photographer Aviva Bowman, discs work fine on her computer.

Talk to Apple Care again. They say they’ll send a shipping box right away. Couriers will pick  up my computer tomorrow, take it back to Apple and they’ll sort out the problem.

The Good (I realize I’ve used this already, but it’s nice to end on a positive note)

Drink mug of tea and look on the bright side of life.

Didn’t lose any significant information, but learned a valuable lesson about backing up data.

I had purchased the extended 3 year Apple Care plan so if there are any faults with the Superdrive they’re covered.

Bear, my labrador, just peed outside on the grass rather than inside on the floor. Hoorah.


  1. You might want to take a look at OpenOffice as well. I need to read or write stuff in Word format now and again, but OpenOffice is good enough by now that I no longer worry about having Word, Powerpoint or Excel available anymore.

  2. Bravo. 🙂 Glad I could help, and am willing to do so whenever necessary! Now we can look forward to a night of Beatles Rock Band – perhaps whilst you wait for the return of the Mac!

    I hope that’s the ugliest you ever have to deal with, Chris!

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