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Pentax 67 lenses on Pentax 645D Body (Part 2)

Pentax 67 to 645 adapter on 105mm lens

Pentax 67 to 645 adapter on 105mm lens

Please check out the first part of this post here.

I just tried out attaching my 105mm Pentax 67 lens to the 645D body.

Adapter works well. Lovely mechanical clicks as everything locks into place.

When you turn on the camera the readouts on the viewfinder, rear monitor and top panel all show the aperture reading as blank. The camera is however still metering so when I set the lens aperture to 2.4, the shutter speed automatically adjusted to give the correct exposure (or it’s best estimate of the correct exposure).

67 lens on 645D panel

67 lens on 645D panel

67 lens on 645D monitor

67 lens on 645D monitor

Found Bear, and took another portrait shot.  Of course not only do you have to manually set the aperture with the aperture ring, you also need to focus as the 67 lenses are all manual focus.

Bear portrait shot with 645D and 67 105mm lens

Bear portrait shot with 645D and 67 105mm lens

Pleased with how this came out. Not having the aperture reading in the viewfinder isn’t a problem, in fact this is the same as when using the Pentax 67II normally. The 67 lenses give a nice bokeh and at 2.4 a very shallow depth of field. I will have to experiment with the 105mm, the 100mm macro and the 165mm to decide which I prefer for portraits.

I’ve  put the full size image of Bear up on Flickr.


  1. Katharine says

    For the uneducated – can you please tell me what a bokeh is?

  2. Bokeh is the quality or “look” of the out of focus area / highlights. bokeh

    Oh, Chris, when you adapt lenses that the camera can’t control the aperture on, its called “stop down metering” 🙂

  3. Hi Luna (Christopher),

    If you use 67 lenses on a 35mm camera you have to do stop down metering but when using 67 lenses on the 645 (either film or digital) the body can still control the aperture.

    This is from Luminous Landscape

    “Pentax has two medium format camera lines, the Pentax 67 and the Pentax 645. Unique among camera makers, Pentax has designed the systems so that the lenses from the 6X7 camera can also be used on the 645 body. They manufacture an adaptor for this that retains autodiaphram and open-aperture metering capability. Put it on a 645 body and you can use all your 67 lenses pretty much as normal. (Contax allows their 645 lenses to be used on the N series 35mm cameras. Pentax has an adaptor that allows medium format to 35mm as well, but in this case autodiaphram is lost.)”

  4. dng88 says

    Great! Looking forward for the pictures and posting.

    If it cannot read aperture value, would it be that the meter is spot or central weight only?

    Also, I paid $50 and 1/2 hour in Hong Kong to get the aperture reading (as mentioned in the Luminous web site) in the Pentax 67 II. It works and it is important when you cannot see the aperture value, you must be on tube and hence you need to do stop down metering.

    I guess further that the Pentax 645D would need to do stop down metering when you use tube, on top of my guess of spot or central weight only.

  5. Ahh! I didn’t know they can control it. Usually cameras that don’t control it will display the aperture as F/00 or F– like in your photo. That is nice of Pentax ‘eh?

  6. Dennis Ng says

    When you pay for the customisation, you press both the ISO and the memory lock and use the ISO button you can change the Aperture of your lens (mostly F4 as you know but sometimes 2.8, 5.6 or 2.4). Then instead of the film count you get the Aperture value.

    Also, the customisation allows you to get 1/2 speed i.e. you switch the speed by switching to manual speed then press the ISO push/pull button without touching the ISO button. You can get those speed in between.

    Anyway that is not important. I am still learning and your 67 picture is very good. Inspiring, may I say.

    I think I would follow your trail, as I said in the dpreview comment. I do not have enough savings to buy 645D but may be one day. Hence, looking forward for your feeling, comments and of course pictures whilst my saving plans realized said 5 years later!


    • Hi Richard,

      The Pentax 645D is only officially available in Japan at the moment. I expect there may be some grey imports in other countries but don’t know where.

  7. Hi Richard

    Ive just bought the new camera 645D but have had problems using it so far with the 67 lenses and adaptor. I used it on an advertising job and with my subsequent wide open style had trouble with focusing it correctly – and with subsequent accurate testing found the focus to be approx 5 – 10 mm beyond what the viewfinder appears with the eye…….

    Have you had any similar results or does everything appear to be A OK ?

    Pentax have been very helpfull so far and im hoping that its just my camera and not the 67 film lens scenario. I’m trying a new body from them this week….

  8. Photofello,

    I guess this question was aimed at me rather than Richard, so I’ll have a go at answering.

    I haven’t noticed any focusing problems. However I’d need to do some testing to be sure. When shooting in the studio, I’m at f16 or f22 so I might not notice slight focussing issues as depth of field is large. Outdoors I’ve mainly been using the new 55mm lens. Will have a play around over the next few days. I wonder if it’s an issue with your adaptor, if the dimensions of this were off by only a fraction it would have a significant effect on focusing.


    • I’m not sure, I haven’t compared them side by side at the same focal distances. I do however know that they are much cheaper if you already own 67 lenses 🙂

      I do know however that the new 55mm and the 25mm were both extremely sharp.

  9. gary atkinson says

    I bought a 645d in june with the intention of getting a 25mm lens for landscape work.
    So far it has not come on the market.
    Can anyone tell me more than what I have gleamed from web searches about its availability?
    I was unaware that the 67 lenses were able to fit on the 645 till I read this blog, so is there a lens that would equal the 25mm (or somewhere near it) from the 67 range? or would I be better to wait (and drool!)

    • Hi Gary,
      Not sure where in the world you are living, but the 25mm is on sale in Japan. There’s also one on Ebay selling for US $5,980.00
      67 lenses fit on the 645 but just as lenses “become longer” when you move them from a full frame 35mm sensor to a APS size sensor the same thing happens with 67 to 645. 67 wide angles become less wide on a 645. I believe the new 25mm is the widest medium format lens on the market. I have the much cheaper, and still excellent 645 35mm, but would love to also have the 25mm. I was lent one to test for a couple of months and found it a fine lens.

      • gary atkinson says

        Thanks for your quick response.
        After reading your reply I searched again for lens availability and hit the wall again. Pentax sites dont list it it seems. Can you give me a link for where in Japan I could buy?
        The one on ebay is $1000 more than what is quoted (if it ever gets here!) but wont rule that out yet. My fingers are itchy!
        I live in NSW Australia near a little town called Nimbin. Getting late here so will look up ebay tomorrow, thanks.

      • gary atkinson says

        Hi again. Couldn’t help myself, went to bed but no sleep, that lens beckoned me! So I logged onto Ebay and bought it. (some months ago I saw one one Ebay for about same price and by the time I went back, it had sold, so spent last few months wishing I had paid the extra)
        Now I wont be able to sleep from thinking Iv’e overspent—-oh well, life’s short!
        Thanks for the tip, if I can help with anything over here, leave a message.
        Regards, Gary

  10. The list price in Japan is 398,000 yen which is about 5100 dollars well less than the Ebay price. It seems to be out of stock from some sellers but others have it available.

    Or come visit Japan and buy one direct from the store!

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  12. Jakob Bosch says

    Hi Chris,

    thank you for the infos about the theme 67-to-645D. I’m searching for that adapter, but won’t ship outside of Japan. Do you know any dealer in Europe or the US?

    Best regards, Jakob

    • Have a look on Ebay, they may have some on there. I don’t know of any dealers outside of Japan, maybe one of the other blog readers knows.

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