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Extreme Close-Up

Met up with Pete Leong and Michael Anthony yesterday at the beach. I was really interested in the setup Michael used to get extreme close-up shots of flowers.  The images Michael was creating were fantastic. I’m going to follow some of his advice and ideas and try shooting some flower close-ups in the next few weeks.

Michael Anthony getting up close and personal

Canon 5D Mark II, MP-E 65mm Macro lens with macro twin flash.

Flower Macro by Michael Anthony (1)

Flower Macro by Michael Anthony (2)


  1. These are the kind of shots I tend to do also. However, I’m not a professional photographer with a fancy shmancy camera and different lenses. Just have a Nikon P100… point and shoot but, I do get some pretty good pictures. Almost all of mine are zoomed in close like these. Michael’s shots are really beautiful.

  2. That man choose an excellent set-up. That is the Canon MT-24EX. Way better control then the Canon MR-14EX ring flash. The 24EX gives you more control as you can move the heads around. I played around with both and the 24EX is way better overall.

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