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On the bookshelf – Travel Photography by Steve Davey

Travel Photography by Steve Davey

Travel Photography by Steve Davey

Travel Photography: Tread Your Own Path by Steve Davey is an excellent book. The photographs are good both by technical standard and subject matter. The book has a logical structure and the writer is able to make complicated subjects understandable and interesting. The start of the book is about choosing gear (camera bodies, lenses, bags) and some general advice on travel.  The “Execution” section covers the basics of how to take photographs (exposure, aperture, shutter speed, filters, flash) then the “Inspiration” section applies these techniques to situations you will find in the field (cities, festivals, markets, deserts). He then follows this with “Correction” a section on image processing, correction and manipulation (published in 2008 – this is still up to date). The final chapter is about working as a professional travel photographer and deals with issues such as copyright and marketing.

The amount of information covered by the book is both its greatest asset and its greatest weakness. If you’re already a Photoshop whiz then the correction section will be redundant, while experienced photographers will be well aware of most of the information in the execution section. I am sure however that even the most experienced photographer will find numerous interesting nuggets of wisdom, and for the beginner or intermediate photographer the book is well worth the price.

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