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PENTAX D FA645 25mm F4 AL[IF] SDM AW Testing

Pentax 645D with 25mm lens

I talked about the new epic super wide lens by Pentax in a previous blog. It doesn’t come on sale until next month, but happily Pentax sent me a prerelease lens to try out. I’ve been busy this weekend teaching the Photography 101 Workshop, but managed to get out the camera and 25mm lens for the sunset this evening. (Workshop went great, more on this later.)

Lens testing at Maeda Flats

I apologize for the cliche, but the lens is an engineering marvel. Really solidly built, and pleasure to use and hold. You can also use it as a workout device if you’re carrying it around all day.

Sunset at Maeda Flats (645D with 25mm lens)

As with the new 55mm lens, the first shots show it to be extremely sharp. This is the shot from today, but more will follow over the next few weeks.


  1. Shaun M says

    Thanks for this, Chris. I have been waiting for someone to actually use this lens to see if it warrants the price tag. I don’t mind paying for good glass.

    Shaun M

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