Japan, Okinawa, Pentax 645D, Photography
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Product Shoot for Ledeen Diamond Co.

A few weeks ago I did a jewelry product shoot for Ledeen Diamond Co. with fellow photographer Aviva Bowman.  This shot is of  “The Limoncello” which I am told is a “Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring- 1.64 Carat Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Center Stone, 1.02 Carats of Micro Pave Fancy Yellow Diamonds.” All those carats will certainly help you see in the dark.

"The Limoncello" Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring by Ledeen Diamond Co.

Ledeen Diamond Co. Boutique will have its Grand Opening next Friday from 4 to 10PM in Kin Town, Okinawa. You can find more information on their Facebook Page. If you’re on Okinawa, drop by, make some new friends, and support a budding local business.

To take this shot I used a Lastolite Cubelite (a white indoor tent) that creates a very soft light and helps control reflections. A strobe was placed on both sides of the cubelite and these were triggered with PocketWizards. The flower then goes inside the tent which is zipped up except for a small hole.

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