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Kelvin Mesmin Shoot (Part 2)

A couple more sports inspired shots from Kelvin’s shoot.

Kelvin Mesmin - Swim

Kelvin Mesmin - Bike

Clearly I will need to shoot a final “Run” image to get the trifecta, but pleased with the shots we got. The bike image has contrast increased a little and saturation decreased a little. I would normally process images to match, but it’s nice to show the differences here. Cleaning up the reflections of light stands in the sunglasses took an hour or so of cloning last night. Although not noticeable on web sized files, the clutter free image will look much better when printed.


  1. trifecta? I thought that was about horse racing or 3 events coming together at the same time. And you being an ambassador of the Queen’s English!

    • I believe that trifecta can also be used when referring to a triplet of items. The fact that you automatically assume its horse racing meaning is perhaps because you spend to much time down at the bookies 🙂 With her love of horse racing I imagine your definition of trifecta pops up quite regularly in the Queen’s English.

  2. Katharine says

    I think for a piece of art (like your photographs are) then the best word for a series of 3 is a triptych.

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