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British Railways

British Railways logo on the side of a steam train

I chose my route back from Japan so that I would fly into Manchester Airport. On previous occasions I have flown to Heathrow and then taken a plane, train or coach up to Manchester. The first two are surprisingly expensive and the last one just makes the long trip so much longer. British Railways may once have been the envy of the world, but if I have to pay vast amounts of money for a ticket I expect the train to come at least close to shinkansen  in levels of speed, comfort and reliability.

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  1. Katharine says

    It’s not always expensive. We’ve just booked tickets from Chester to London for 6 weeks time. £50 for three people return and it’s only 2 hours each way. It was £35 last week but didn’t buy them when we first started looking. True if you buy on the day it can be extortionate.

  2. Tord S Eriksson says

    A long time ago, I bought a 30 day pass for British Rail (there were no other then), and I was struck by the fact that those who travelled by train was the well-to-do, the occasional worker who had gotten his ticket from his employer (on his way to, or from, a job far from home), and us tourists. No everyday British person, ever (a bit like flying in Sweden in those days). No students, no elderly, no moms with kids, nothing like that!

    Since then deregulation has struck, and now the same train trip here can have ten different rates, depending how you book your ticket, Really weird!

    It is often cheaper to fly to your destination than taking the train, sometimes it is even cheaper to go by RyanAIr, fly from your home airport in Sweden to some continental (or British Iles) airport. and then back to Sweden and your final destination!

    Sick world ain’t it?! The most environmentally friendly should be cheapest, but it sure is not!

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