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LASIK in Japan – The 1 week check-up

Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic

Kobe Kanagawa Eye Clinic

Read Part One about choosing the clinic and the LASIK operation here.

A week after my operation I flew up to Osaka for the 1 week check-up. I could have returned to the Shinjuku office in Tokyo, but as I could do this at any of the clinics, I thought I’d spend a couple of days in Kyoto and get my check in Umeda, Osaka.

The clinic was in a central Umeda skyscraper (not far from the enormous Yodobashi Camera). I checked in and then a couple of minutes later I had my eyes tested by the examiner. With either eye open I could read the second to bottom line on the chart. With both eyes open I could just about make out all the symbols on the bottom line. Awesome.

I was back in the waiting room for a couple of minutes then in to see the eye doctor. He checked the health of my eyes, confirmed that the cornea had completely sealed and asked if I was having any problems. He explained about the new eye drops I would have for the next few weeks and that I had another checkup at the end of January. I picked up my new eye drops from reception (there are no fees for any post-op checks or medications) and I was done. Total time less than 15 minutes. Hoorah.

LASIK 1 week check

LASIK 1 week check

It’s now been about 2 weeks since I had the operation. Here are a few things I’ve noticed or realized.

– I’m saving a couple of minutes every morning and evening not having to put in or take out my contact lenses, rinse, fill the container with solution etc. That’s 4 minutes a day or 24 hours a year in extra time.

– When I wake in the night I still rummage around on the nightstand looking for glasses until I realize I can actually see.

– This led me to the conclusion that in the past if there had been a natural disaster at night, and I couldn’t find my glasses, I’d be trying to deal with the aftermath of a tsunami or earthquake while being partially blind. I hadn’t even considered this as a good reason to get LASIK but now it seems obvious.

– There is mold on the ceiling in my bedroom, tiny black specks all over the white paint. Hadn’t noticed it before. Must clean the house.

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