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Roller Derby

The Japan Open Roller Derby Tournament 2016 took place at Okinawa Comprehensive Park on March 25th and 26th.  Here are a few pics from Saturday’s Pirate City v Misawa Killa Geishas.


This was the first time I’ve ever watched Roller Derby, so it took a little time before I could work out what was happening. Basically, the two teams of women on skates travel around a small flat oval track in the same direction. The teams get point by having their appointed “jammer” (wearing the  star helmet cover)  lap the oval. The rest of the team blocks the opponents jammer and assists their own jammer.


Player can’t use their hands, elbows or feet to block. So the teams often create a defensive wall , checking the jammer with their hips.


Contact, however, is fierce and the hits were hard. There are going to be a lot of sore and bruised players today.


Overall it was a great experience to watch and photograph. All the teams were great, but the Danish team Copenhagen dominated the matches I saw, and player 55 “Bay” seemed to be able to lap the track with the ease of a speed skater.


I shot using the Pentax 645Z, 300mm lens, Profoto B1 with the magnum reflector.

Huge thanks to Wendy and Andrea for inviting me to the event. Thanks also to the Roller Derby photographers Jonathan and Carlos for letting me shooting trackside with you.


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