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A day in Kyoto


I’ve visited Kyoto numerous times before shooting cherry blossom, festivals, and the fall colors. On this trip I thought I’d spend a day shooting some portraits of Yuki in a kimono at various locations in the city. This will allow me to provide clients with some new model released Kyoto images. We started at Ryōan-ji the Zen temple known for its beautiful rock garden.


There were hordes of visitors at Kinkaku-ji “The Golden Pavillion” but we found a quiet spot for tea.


Ginkaku-ji “The Silver Pavillion” was similarly busy, but I only needed a break in the crowds for 1/125 of a second. We then strolled along the Philosopher’s Path.


Quick pose under the umbrella at Chion-in temple, then through Maruyama Park to Kiyomzu-dera.


I wasn’t the only person taking pics, and Yuki wasn’t the only person in a kimono or yukata in Kyoto.  A boom in international visitors plus cherry blossom in full bloom meant that the city was not particularly tranquil. I did however get the pics I wanted and I can always find peace and quiet back in Okinawa!


I used the Pentax 645Z with the 90mm and 55mm lenses. At Ryoan-ji I used an off camera flash to balance the light in the second pic.

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