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Rock Stars Studio Workshop

A fantastic rock star themed studio workshop last Sunday.


After a few hours in the morning covering the basics of studio shooting we moved on to the theme of the day.  For most of these shots we used the Profoto 7a generator with 2 proheads as the rear hair lights. Grids on the zoom reflectors controlled the spill of light, while gels gave the lights color. A small smoke machine gave the shots more atmosphere. We had a Profoto D2 with a gridded softlight reflector as the key light and a Profoto B1 with red / orange gels on the left side. The lights were triggered with Profoto Air Remotes.


Natalie and Kelley were our awesome models. Both where more than willing to sing, play guitar, and hammer away on the keytar.  Although it was probably for the best that none of the instruments were plugged in 🙂


Makeup and hair was by Audra Presika who also created the temporary tattoos for Natalie. It’s great to have an MUA to work with who can help take images to the next level.


And finally it’s great that my assistant Keith is willing to go the extra mile and wear makeup while at work! Once again Audra was able to work her magic, this time transforming the mild-mannered Keith into Aladdin Sane.


So that was the rock stars studio workshop! If you need to learn the basics, we have a Fundamentals Workshop on June 3rd & 4th, and  the next studio workshop is going to be Fight Night on Saturday July 17th.


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