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Krazy Bee Gym, Itoman

I photographed MMA fighter Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto last December at my friend Ben’s capoeira dojo in Chatan  (blog post here). A few days ago, I got a call from Norifumi to say that he was setting up his own Krazy Bee gym in Itoman, and could I take some photos of the team.

Son of Japanese Olympic wrestler Ikuei Yamamoto,  Norifumi is a fearsome mixed martial arts fighter. (some video highlights on YouTube)


Norifumi’s older sister Miyuu is a three-time Freestyle Wrestling World Champion, and now fights mixed martial arts.  Their younger sister Seiko, also a champion wrestler, now lives in Texas and is married to baseball pitcher Yu Darvish.

Miyuu’s son Erson Yamamoto is a mixed martial arts fighter competing professionally.

Along with the Yamamoto family, there are several other fighters in the Crazy Bee team:  Betinho Vital a jiu-jitsu fighter from Brazil

Aw Ratchayothin Sangmorakot a muay-thai fighter from Thailand.

Kosuke Yokoyama a jiu-jitsu fighter from Japan.


It was great to meet the Krazy Bee team and I look forward to working with you all in the future.


Photo info:

All photos shot with the Pentax 645Z with the 90mm 2.8 lens.

Lastolite black velvet background. Profoto D2 light with 1×4′ gridded softbox back/right of the subject. Profoto B1 with softlight reflector white as the key light.

Want to learn how to take images in the studio? Next studio workshop is June 17th.

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