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Native Lightroom Presets by Lens Distortions

Yesterday I purchased some native Lightroom presets by Lens Distortions. Cleverly targeted ads on Facebook and Google were constantly bombarding me with their products. When they had a brief summer sale I decided to give a few of them a try.

Their products for Lightroom are presets which allow you to add an additional element such as rain or a sun flare to your images. You can then adjust the new element with the brush tools. It is a little like working in a separate layer in photoshop.

I purchased the Forecast and Skylight packs, downloaded them, opened Lightroom and then played around adding some rain and snow to pics I shot of Dan a few months ago.


They are a fun add-on to Lightroom, and the effects even after playing around for just a couple of hours are pretty impressive. No doubt that with time you’d be able to finesse the results.

Working with RAW files from the Pentax 645Z is not ideal for the software as some of the elements are not wide enough to cover the entire image. This can easily be solved by duplicating the effect and dragging it to another part of the image, but you then face the issue of identical clusters of raindrops. This may be solved in later versions of the software as file sizes get larger.  There are also just a few variations one each effect, but I imagine if the software catches on there will be expansion packs with more snow, rain or star options.

You can check out their various products for Lightroom, Photoshop and Video editing software at their website

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