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It’s a girl!

Yuki started going into labor at around 6pm on Saturday the 10th of February. We called the maternity clinic and drove from Motobu to Nago City.


At the clinic they confirmed Yuki was in labor, but that it was going very slowly.


The whole of Sunday was spent in bed with the contractions getting stronger.


At around midnight Yuki was moved to the birthing room in the clinic. Yuki was attached to monitors,  but the birth wasn’t due for several more hours.

At around 3.15AM things got very busy. The heart rate of the baby  suddenly dropped from around 130 to 60 bpm. The doctor made the decision to get the baby out right away and at 3.36AM on February 12th 2018  Jasmine Victoria Willson was born.


She was weighed (2868 grams),


and measured (47.2cm).


She was checked and cleaned.




and then given to Yuki.


Unten-sensei was able to explain to me what happened at the birth. The low heart rate was a sign of foetal distress, so he immediately delivered the baby by ventouse (suction cup). For the first couple of weeks Jasmine’s head  was a little cone-shaped, but it is returning to normal now.

Yuki and I are so grateful for the kindness and professionalism shown by all the staff and  Dr. Unten at the Unten Maternity Clinic in Nago City, Okinawa.  Thank you for bringing our baby girl into the world.





  1. dave (in Japan) says

    I am a long-time reader of your fantastic blog. Congratulations to you both–I wish you the very best. The photos brought back recent memories of the birth of my two daughters.

  2. Jeff says

    Wonderful that all is well now! Such a special time for you and your wife’s life for sure. Been reading your blog for a while and hope to make it to one of your workshops in the future Chris, all the way from So.Cal:) Enjoy the time with the little one as it goes by so fast….all three of mine are out of college as of this year, and I can’t believe how quickly time passes.

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