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Now on YouTube!

In 2016, I was contacted by the team at Macphun Software who had come across my photography on the web. Macphun produces photo editing programs for Mac computers, and received Best of the Year awards from the Apple app store six years running. They were producing new inspirational content for their website and asked if I’d like to be involved. James Pankiewicz, Patrick Batac and I produced a behind the scenes video about The Karate Masters Portrait Project.

In 2018, Macphun became SKYLUM software as it is no longer just Mac only. As its popularity grows around the world, Yuki and I are going to help introduce the software to the Japanese market.

We’ve created a Japanese language YouTube series called the Shoshinsha Photographer Yuki (New Photographer Yuki) in which Yuki learns how to take photos, and edit the pictures with SKYLUM’s Luminar editing software.

Episode 1 has a brief introduction then Yuki explores Bise Village in Motobu.

Episode 2 is all about the 100 Kata for Karate Day event at new Karate Kaikan.

Episode 3 is Yuki’s first time shooting with studio lighting with the lovely Bernadette and makeup by Audra Pesika.

Episode 4 is the Shuri Castle New Year’s Celebration.

This is a really exciting new project for us, and as Yuki learns about photography I’m learning just as much about videography. We hope to make many more videos in the series, and you are a big part of making that happen!

Please watch the videos, and if you like them, click the thumbs up symbol, comment, and subscribe to the channel.  If you can help get the word out by sharing the videos on social media we’d be super grateful.

Thank you all for your support! Big hugs from Chris & Yuki, and gurgles from Jasmine.


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