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Mr. Benn Redux

For those of you who are not British, and in their forties or fifties, Mr. Benn is a beloved cartoon about an ordinary man who goes on extraordinary adventures when he visits a fancy dress shop.

This weekend Mr. Young came to my studio, and as if by magic a photographer appeared…

With each costume change Mr. Young transformed into a new character. The question is, which is the real Mr. Young?

Is he the tech entrepreneur who created an encryption protocol making him a millionaire before his 18th birthday?

Mr. Young?

Is he the fisherman who works on the same boat as his grandfather, while dealing with rough seas and dwindling catches?

Mr. Young?

Is he the doctor who pioneered the use of augmented reality for use in both general medicine and surgery?

Dr. Young?

Is he the Marine who’s traveled the world as one of “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”?

Mr. Young?

Or is he the professional wrestler whose athleticism allows him to dominate when down on the mat or flying through the air?

Mr. Young?

Send your answers on a postcard to 52 Festive Road.

And to Mr. Young I wish you all the best with your future adventures!

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