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Pentax to Sony

For many years I shot exclusively with the Pentax 67ii medium format film camera system. When the Pentax 645D digital medium format camera arrived I switched to shooting digital, and I’ve shot stills with the 645D and 645Z until now. The 645Z remains one of the best cameras for portrait photography.

私は長年、中判フィルムカメラシステム「PENTAX 67ii」で撮影してきました。デジタル中判カメラのペンタックス645Dが登場してからは、デジタルでの撮影に切り替え、645Dと645Zでスチルを撮影してきました。645Zは今でもポートレート写真に最適なカメラの一つです。

As a backup system I also had the excellent Pentax K-1 camera system with a 28-70 f2.8 lens. Another fantastic system for photographers.

バックアップシステムとして、優れたペンタックスK-1カメラと28-70 F2.8レンズも持っていました。これも写真家にとっては素晴らしいシステムです

A few years ago I also began shooting video. I started with the Sony A7Sii and then as things progressed with the Sensei: Masters of Okinawan Karate series I purchased a used Sony FS5 cinema camera. As the documentary series has continued I’ve had to purchase more Sony lenses, and in the near future will need to update both the Sony bodies to the latest models.

数年前、私はビデオ撮影も始めました。最初はソニーのA7Siiを使っていましたが、「SENSEI: MASTERS OF OKINAWAN KARATE」シリーズの制作が進むにつれ、中古のソニーFS5シネマカメラを購入しました。 ドキュメンタリーシリーズを続けていくうちに、ソニーのレンズをさらに購入しなければならなくなり、近い将来、ソニーのボディを両方とも最新モデルに更新する必要があります。

Having two completely separate systems for photography and video has created its own set of challenges in terms of storage, cost, and ultimately how much gear I can physically carry when going on a shoot.

Maybe in my 20’s I could carry a full rucksack, plus pelican cases, tripods, and lights, but I’m definitely going to struggle now.



I have to choose a system that will cover both professional videography and professional photography, and the best option for me moving forward will be to switch my digital stills cameras over to Sony.

The result is that I’m going to be selling all my Pentax digital gear ( I will still be keeping my Pentax 67ii and the K1000) and reinvesting the money in a high resolution Sony cameras for stills (A7RIV) and a couple of Sony lenses.



If you’re interested in purchasing either the Pentax 645Z system or the Pentax K1 system please get in touch. Ideally the buyer would be in Okinawa, Japan would be okay, and I’d ship overseas in certain circumstances.


Pentax 645Z with 90mm, 55mm, 35mm, 300mm, 135LSmm ¥700,000

Pentax K1 ¥100,000 Pentax 24-70 2.8 ¥100,000

Pentax K3 ¥40,000 Pentax 35mm f2 ¥20,000

I’ve been really happy shooting with the Pentax digital system for the last decade, and for photographers the 645Z and K1 are fantastic. It has been an honor to have had my photograph exhibited numerous times at the Pentax Imaging Forum in Shinjuku. I’ll continue to be a Pentaxian with my Pentax 67 film camera, but hopefully when I’m out shooting both digital stills and video, my camera bags will be a much lighter using just one system.


Chondara at the Heshikiya Eisa Festival, Katsuren, Okinawa, Japan

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