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10 life changes since getting LASIK

In 2013, I had LASIK surgery in Tokyo. It was a great success. You can read more about my experience with LASIK here: 

I was chatting with friends the other day about how positive my experience had been. Here are 10 ways my life changed!

 Saving money      No need to buy contact lenses, or solutions, or glasses.

Saving time        Don’t have to spend a few minutes in the morning and before going to bed dealing with contact lenses.


No struggling with contact lenses at 4AM before a dawn photo session!

No emergency glasses days              I’d wear contacts almost every day, but if I had sore eyes I’d have to wear glasses. I’d then have awkward conversations with friends or workmates explaining why I was wearing glasses.

No foggy glasses        No problems going from cool air-conditioned buildings to the humid outdoors.

Smaller wash kit          No extra bag of solutions, cleaning products, spare lenses, and spare glasses. Much easier for travel.


No lost lenses while diving!

No lost lenses      No worries with water sports. When swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving, no chance of losing a contact lens.

Easier flights    Long flights from Japan to the UK are made easier when I don’t have to choose between contact lenses or glasses.


Night vision     Being able to glance over and see the alarm clock clearly without glasses.

Outdoor living              Camping is easier when you don’t have to deal with contact lenses. Especially if there are no places to wash your hands.

Peace of mind             If there is a natural disaster I won’t be searching for glasses in the middle of the night. If I’m stranded somewhere I don’t need to worry about how many hours I’ve been wearing contact lenses.

Read more about my experience with LASIK here:

And finally any trip to Tokyo means a chance to visit the Robot Restaurant. Awesome 🙂

UPDATE: Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant closed during the pandemic. However my eye’s are still doing great nearly 10 years after having LASIK.


  1. I wonder how many years to lasts for lasik, what are the requirements , how much it cost and how long will it take to to have it, do we need check ups, health insurance
    on , is it on cash basis or is there mode of payment?

    • Hi Rose, the best thing to do would be to check with the different clinics. In my case it cost around 340,000 yen for both eyes, I paid with credit card, and this included all post operation check-ups.

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  3. Doston says

    Thank you so much Chris. Your blog is super awesome and I just decided to get iLasik at Kobe Kanagawa Clinic after reading your posts. I hope all will go smooth and I will be able to get ride of my glasses like you did haha. Great job with all the work you have done on your blog and good luck to you.

    By the way, did you choose Premium iDesign iLasik or what was your plan?

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