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LASIK Update

I never got around to posting an update on the 4th anniversary of my LASIK operation, but now that things are calming down I can post a 4 year 6 month update.

Click here for a summary of my previous posts about LASIK (laser eye surgery) 

Quick update:

Eyes are great, still have the vision of a hawk.

Longer update:

The advantages of having had LASIK and not having to deal with glasses and contact lenses have been magnified by the arrival of our daughter Jasmine. Having a baby is fantastic.  It also means you have less time, less sleep, more colds, and more responsibilities. So glad I don’t have to mess around finding glasses in the middle of the night, or dealing with contact lenses and poopy diapers while half-asleep.

The issue of less sleep and more colds is important.  Usually, my eyes didn’t get irritated by contact lenses, but if I was overly tired or getting sick, I would get sore red eyes, and I’d be forced to switch from contact lenses to glasses.

In the event of a natural disaster, the scramble for glasses or contact lenses in the middle of the night was an issue of personal safety. Having had LASIK I feel better knowing that my own vision is no longer a liability when it comes to protecting my family.


More information about LASIK

10 Life changes since getting LASIK


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