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F.A.Q. How big are the files from the Pentax 645D?

The file sizes produced by the Pentax 645D are around 15 MB  for JPEG files, 50 MB for DNG files, and a massive 225 MB for a 16bit TIFF image. As I said in a previous post this means you will fill up memory cards and hard disk space quickly. Also it means that you need a computer capable of some heavy lifting if you are going to start processing those files in Photoshop. A 225 MB TIFF image is huge, but if you start working with layers, you could easily be dealing with a file over 1GB . Digital Discovery #11 I had never really used Adobe Bridge until I started shooting with the 645D. With film the process of selecting images is done on the light table. Only the best images are scanned, catalogued, filed, and stored. Once scanned I would open the images in Photoshop. With digital it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of images, but Adobe Bridge seems to be a good way of organizing things. I …

Kayaking in Okinawa

Last weekend I did a little bit of location scouting with Norwegian photographer Heiko Junge. Shot with both the 645D and the 67II. Put all the gear in a Pelican case so I could wade across the river. Digital Discovery #10 Not really a discovery, but… The images from the 645D are now on the blog. The film from the Pentax 67II is currently on the way to Fukuoka for processing. Will get it back next week. After scanning the film I will post the images. Of course, the usage of my images extends beyond 470 pixels wide on my blog, but it is a clear reminder of the increase in speed using a digital workflow.

Need more space

Digital Discovery #9 If your camera produces large files,  you are quickly going to fill up both memory cards and hard disk space. Returning from my latest trip I had two full 32GB cards. It was clear  that soon I would need more storage in my computer. Just ordered an 1TB internal hard disk for the Mac Pro. This will automatically back up along with the other hard disks via time machine. I’m also going to have to consider having an off-site back up of data. The joys of data management!

Cosplay in Tokyo

I’m in Shibuya when I see a young man sketching outside the 109 building. I ask if he is a fashion design student (they sometimes come to Shibuya for inspiration) but it turns out he is American and he’s in Tokyo for a manga convention. The convention is taking place over at Odaiba on the other side of the city. I ask if there will be people dressed up as anime and manga characters (Cosplay). He says yes, and I know exactly where I need to go next. I arrive in Odaiba and it’s all a little surreal. I don’t go into the exhibition hall, but wander around outside through a sea of fake eyelashes, colored contact lenses and little rolling suitcases. There are plenty of other people taking photographs but being a gaijin and holding a camera the size of Texas does mean you get eye contact. Digital Discovery #7 If you are not trying to do self portraits in the pupil of the model, best not to wear a bright yellow T-shirt. Digital …

Switch 3 in Tokyo

Switch 3 are an Australian rock band that visited Japan a couple of weeks ago for a mini tour. I used to snowboard with the bass guitarist Mick Hoorweg so when I found out I would be in Tokyo at the same time as the band I met up with them to take some photos. In these shots they’re playing at The Eggman in Shibuya. Great band, and above all fantastic to see people following their passion and really loving what they do. Please check out their website to learn more. Digital Discovery #5 You can use medium format digital to shoot a rock concert. Whether this is sensible is another matter. Digital Discovery #6 Weather sealing on the 645D body and lens prevents flying beads of sweat from damaging the camera.

Akita Kanto Matsuri – Kid Portraits

Digital Discovery #1 The LCD screen on the back of the camera is a great way to interact with the people you are meeting. Take one shot of a kid, and then show the image to the whole group. You then have 10 kids who want their photo taken. Digital Discovery #2 Having a whole group of kids wanting you to take their photo could be a problem my old camera. As it cost about $1.50 each time I pressed the shutter I had to be quite selective with the shots I was taking. (You can’t even fake taking a photo with the 67II as the shutter is so loud.) With digital I could happily shoot everyone (and delete images later). I handed out business cards to the parents of these kids, so if you are one of their parents please contact me so that I can mail you the digital file or prints. この子供さん達のご両親で、写真を希望される方は連絡ください。